Missouri Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association 

Proudly Promoting RV Dealers Across the State of Missouri

About Us


The Missouri RV Dealers Association is dedicated to promoting and protecting the interests of Recreational Vehicle Dealers and their affiliates, including RV manufacturers, aftermarket vendors and consumers in the state of Missouri. Missouri was one of the first states to craft a franchise law which clearly defines the business relationship between dealers and RV manufacturers. The association monitors and reacts to state and national legislative actions which could affect the RV industry. 

Our members benefit by receiving information on pending legisaltion in the Missouri State Capitol as well as help with current Missouri statutes. The Executive Director  for MRVDA has been working in the State Capital for over 25 years. This helps provides our dealers with first hand knowledge on legisaltion and regulations impacts their dealerships. 

The MRVDA staff works hard to advocate for their recreational dealers on a daily basis.